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This afternoon I went to an event run by Yammer – Yammer on Tour in London.  I really like some of the functionality in Yammer and think it could be a great asset to our communications tool kit (I hate expressions soon but I cant really find another that fits so well) and I am pleased to hear that it will be integrated into Sharepoint, but I really cant warm to the evangelical style of promotion they engaged at this event – talk about a turn off!

There was  a blast of high energy rock music to herald each new speaker and lots of air punching and self congratulatory leaping about, I found it all quite cringe worthy.  I was not inspired by the “join us afterwards for a cocktail’ offer either, I never enjoy drinking cocktails with people who punch the air to “The eye of the tiger”, but hey, that is just me!   It was very pretty walking back over London Bridge though.


I published this post over at my blog at The Huffington Post today.  I think we need an internal, university wide, UK hosted social network. So many organisations, such as banks and even the NHS are launching internal social networks, for collaboration and communication.  Could it be that we should be providing students with a professionally focused space to practice and fine tune their professional digital voice?

What do you think?

We are evaluating the evidence at the moment.  I could be wrong.  I don’t mind if I am.  It is a genuine question I would like to answer.