For Education

Cartoon Videos explaining the internet and internet safety to kids

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum

Digital Professionalism

Guidance on Developing Policies to Promote the Safe and Responsible Use of Mobile Technology in Schools

How to blog – a great blog by Tom Dore that explains all of the basics

JISC eSafety Resources

Why do academics blog?

For Institutional Use

General Dental Council (September 2013) Guidelines on using social media

General Medical Council (April 2013) Doctors use of social media

Information Commissioners Office

Social media law

Employee conduct outside the workplace

For Personal Use

How to balance personal and professional lives on Twitter

How to give your digital life a Spring cleaning

How to clean up your reputation online

Here’s how to kick start your personal brand online

How People Read on the Web: Eyetracking evidence

Linkedin Learning Webinars

Ten Bogus excuses that people use when they steal a photo from the net

Top Twitter tips for public figures

Website reading: It (sometimes) does happen

Writing Articles, Not Blog Postings

Writing for the web