This is a piece I wrote for the Guardian yesterday.  I find the comments fascinating.  I am genuinely offended by the idea that some employers consider it to be appropriate to ask candidates to login to social media at interviews, but I know that some do.  I am certainly not defending it.

It is very easy to assert from the comfort of an armchair, that you would refuse to comply with such a request, to claim that you would not want the post, or even to refuse to work for that employer, but actually, the truth of the matter is that this is a very difficult job market and any candidate is vulnerable in an interview.  Actually, any employee is vulnerable in any workplace.

I have bills to pay just like anyone else.  Graduates often have substantial debts and are under pressure to secure a post, any post.  Just finding the deposit to rent a shared flat can be daunting.

I don’t deal in theory, I deal in reality.  This is the truth of a difficult situation.

It wasn’t so long ago that a manager of mine was trying to insist that I share my computer username and password so that she could “monitor email” if I was off sick – I am never off sick. It is difficult to be logical and measured in the face of such a request. Especially when it is raised consistently in open meetings. And when the request goes against company policy but everyone else complies.

There can be very odd cultures in play in individual departments in any big organisation.

Wake up and smell the coffee.