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Dr Suzanne Denieffe (Left) Department of Nursing, me in the centre and Professor John Wells (Right) – Head of the School of Health Science

On 21st February, I visited the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, to give a lecture on Digital Professionalism to undergraduate nursing and child care students, and conduct a number of seminars with senior managers.

Whilst highlighting the importance of educational institutions providing teaching on Digital Professionalism, robust policies and mechanisms in place to manage such issues as cyber bullying and defamation, I also emphasised that social media can be an asset to higher education.  In particular, social media provides opportunities for enhancing student experience, engagement with the wider community, prospective students and alumni.

I am genuinely impressed to see how proactive Prof Wells and WIT are with regard to the issue of Digital Professionalism.  It was such a privilege to meet everyone there and hear about their work.


It was a breath of fresh air to be at home.  I met some really lovely people and had a really very enjoyable time.  I am not a big drinker, but there is nothing like a Guinness!

I published this post over at my blog at The Huffington Post today.  I think we need an internal, university wide, UK hosted social network. So many organisations, such as banks and even the NHS are launching internal social networks, for collaboration and communication.  Could it be that we should be providing students with a professionally focused space to practice and fine tune their professional digital voice?

What do you think?

We are evaluating the evidence at the moment.  I could be wrong.  I don’t mind if I am.  It is a genuine question I would like to answer.