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I have just discovered a new development (new to me anyway!). Check out this site and follow or Google @deletedbymps on Twitter to see.

Journalists in search of material or a story are no longer required to spend hours researching, the material will now flag itself for their attention all by itself!  This is actually significant to anyone who may be scrutanised for any reason.  The tech is now freely available to save and republish any Tweets we delete – anything we have said in error, anything we have written and thought better of later.  I have no doubt at all that the people who originally typed in these hilarious Tweets wish they had been able to delete them quickly before anyone in the press noticed.

Imagine also the trouble that auto correct can cause?  Imagine the problems if a Direct Message is Tweeted instead of sent privately, if a message intended for Text is Tweeted (I must stop tweeting on my phone without my glasses – mistakes may no longer be forgiven!)?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an MP who is being scrutanised by the press or a celebrity or big brand either, it is easy now to create this functionality, and leave it sitting as a trap, waiting to discover what the subject deletes – I find it rather sinister. The material we create on social media has always been public I know, this type of functionality simply makes it easier to search, aggregate, duplicate and republish. Nothing is private, but I suppose, nothing ever was.

The golden rule must be to apologise sincerely in public FIRST when you realise that you have said the wrong thing, BEFORE you delete the original message.  Take control of your digital profile, it is the only way forward.

Check this out as an example of a super online CV! There are so many ways that we can look to showcase our skills online, even using social media to to embellish our profiles, there are some great examples in this article on Mashable too. I do hope that the KCL students who collaborated to create the recent viral Star Wars Elevator Prank, use it to showcase their creativity and fluency with social media.

It cant only be NASA who are clever enough to realise that it is actually ideal to select candidates who have a flair for social media.

For every great mind working to create a great showcase online of skills that can enhance employability and prospects, there are others who create terrible platforms such as arrest mug shot sites.