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Fry’s chocolate cream!

This was a question posed to me by Tumblr today.  They chose the shouty letters… I realise that I am not finding Tumblr such a useful platform for blogging.  It is making me a lazy blogger.  I am basically using it as a notice board to sign post colleagues to useful material I find online without bombarding them with emails full of links I am excited by.

I should just post the links on my Delicious and let colleagues access as and when?  I just find Delicious a little flat.  I like Tumblr for the snapshot image that it allows of the infographic or article.  I may migrate this blog to WordPress, to force myself to blog.


I really love Mashable for gems like this. They make me laugh on the train, on my journey to work, most days of the week.  Perhaps I wouldn’t think it was so funny if one of these articles was about me!

18 Social Media slip-ups that will get you fired