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Academics often ask me why they should consider using Twitter.  There are a number of very good reasons, to my mind;

  • To raise their profile in their area of expertise, and to contribute to a digital profile for themselves that is worthy of the position they are working towards
  • To identify and network with collaborators including academic thought leaders, peer researchers, academic journals, mainstream media, journalists, research subjects and funding sources, cultivating a useful professional network
  • To stay in touch with current opinion, news and relevant material in their area
  • To engage in lively peer review with thought leaders in their area
  • To discover opportunities to attend events in the real world and follow/take part in conferences they couldn’t otherwise attend virtually
  • To publish live impressions and commentary from conferences and events they attend, thus providing a useful public service to those in their online network
  • To improve career opportunities and get head hunted for jobs
  • To improve the dissemination and reach of their research findings publications

Do you have any more suggestions?

Check this out as an example of a super online CV! There are so many ways that we can look to showcase our skills online, even using social media to to embellish our profiles, there are some great examples in this article on Mashable too. I do hope that the KCL students who collaborated to create the recent viral Star Wars Elevator Prank, use it to showcase their creativity and fluency with social media.

It cant only be NASA who are clever enough to realise that it is actually ideal to select candidates who have a flair for social media.

For every great mind working to create a great showcase online of skills that can enhance employability and prospects, there are others who create terrible platforms such as arrest mug shot sites.