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photoToday I visited The Bank of England – I am such a nosy person! I wanted to hear all about how they have managed to establish the use of Sharepoint for internal communications, and also, to understand why they would want to implement an enterprise social network as opposed to using the ubiquitous commercial sites that everyone appears to be established on. It was fascinating.

I prefer to hear the customer’s point of view. I always wonder what the sales rep is not telling me.

The Bank is exactly as I imagined it would be, from the Mary Poppin’s film. Lots of pillars and marble and arches. Actually, it reminded me a little of the interior of Kings College Hospital and Bart’s. I love old buildings, steeped in history, I wonder if they allow tours.

The City of London really is rather grand.


I spent lots of time reading about eSafety yesterday, I discovered some terrific resources online that I had not previously been aware of and took the time to thoroughly familiarise myself with some documents I had been putting off for a while.  I was also reminded of lots of points that I had avoiding.

Sadly, I am closing a blog that I have had for 8 years – at the beginning I had no idea that it was wrong to lift images off Google and repost them on a blog. Now I know and I have too many to edit, the blog has to go.  It is a shame.

This is the post I wrote at The Huffington Post about eSafety Awareness day.